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Welcome to the Pedals & Poses blog and my very first post! I am so excited to get this thing up and running. And I call it a "thing" because honestly, I'm not really sure what to expect. What to expect of myself, of my (hopefully?) readers, and of what the future holds for this new journey in my life.

What is Pedals & Poses?

Well it started as an instagram name.... As I began to get further into the fitness world and my love of being an instructor, I decided to take this part of my life and blast it full speed ahead. I knew that my passion for teaching cycling and yoga was more than just a hobby at that point and I made the choice to make it my career.... not my entire career, I mean once an artist, always an artist. #actorlyfe

So I took the easy step of changing my instagram name to hone in on my goals for the future. And you know, I mean... it's a catchy name for a studio that I wanted to hold on to. And it came to me during savasana at yoga class one day. So it seemed like fate was telling me something! Sharing more meaningful media about leading a healthy lifestyle and connecting with others was on the forefront. (With the obviously necessary posts about my cutey petutey of a daughter.) And see where it went from there. See if savasana brought any more moments of clarity.

The steps forward just kept laying themselves down in front of me. I added more classes at the gym, I got a lot of regular students; certifications for WERQ, yoga, and Mad Dog Athletics were falling into my lap, so Pedals & Poses sort of morphed from a loose idea, into my brand, my business! And for now it's just part-time when I can get hired for private events and classes and I love working for the UI Rec Services dept., they have been so supportive of all of my endeavors and gave me my first fitness job. So I'm not even considering leaving that place! But the big dream is a studio one day. Well, STUDIOS.

But Pedals & Poses is more than just a business name and logo. It reflects my personal belief about life and the importance of balance. Just think about it, pedaling in forward motion just to be met with stillness. Yin and yang. Western cardio and Eastern yoga. Balance. And that's why I felt it important to include the blog portion into my website. I want to take what I learn and experience as an instructor and forever student, and share it with others. And if other people actually get something out of it, great. But more-so, I know how high of standards we hold our teachers to in life. Just think about who your favorite teacher is, in anything really. I bet one of the reasons you like them so much, is because they seem to have a constant drive and passion to keep going. They can never experience enough, learn enough. One of my absolute favorite yoga teachers is always attending workshops, trainings and she comes back to the studio excited to share what she learned with us participants. She has a huge following and has been teaching for years, she certainly has nothing to prove. But she strives for more and it has a direct impact on us; she inspires us to do the same.

So I hold myself to that standard, even if right now as I get this business up and running it means writing a blog about whatever topic I can think of. Keep myself on top of it, fresh. Keep the brand worth something and connect with others, build community. I don't know. Share a recipe. Doesn't matter, I am in forward motion from here on out.

So if you come back to this blog and read a future post and it speaks to you or if you have something you'd like to see, let me know! I have lots of ideas about what posts come next, but I am up for new ideas, brainstorming, and projects.

Let's do this!!



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