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holding an event or get-together? add some activity for fun!

fitness can be a great way to connect with members of your group in a fun and healthy way.  take a break from the conference for some restorative yoga. get the friends together for some cardio before a night on the town.  the possibilities are limitless!

examples of events to add some activity:

  • bachelor/bachelorette party

  • work conference

  • sorority/fraternity meet-up

  • birthday party

  • group retreat

  • friends' night out

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 10.53.40 AM.png

if you are interested in pedals & poses instructing a class at your event, please email a summary of your needs through the link below.  if you want a cycling class, university of iowa recreational services has studio space available for a rental/instructor fee.  other spaces are available for privatge yoga, barre, and werq.



For tickets to a scheduled event, please visit our store.

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